Not Picking Up (Models WITH Brush Control)

Instructions for investigating why the Dyson is NOT PICKING UP through the cleaner head on a Dyson DC07 with Brush Control.

PLEASE NOTE: If your are in anyway unsure of any of the steps listed below. Please consult a qualified electrician and always remove the plug from the socket before commencing work.

1. Start by laying your Dyson onto it's back and, using a two pence piece, turn each of the three soleplate fasteners a quarter of a turn in an anti-clockwise direction.

2. Remove the soleplate by prising it, underneath the centre soleplate fastener, away from the cleaner head.

3. Examine the full length of the brush bar and check for objects wrapped around it such as loose threads, hairs, fluff etc. Also, check the inside of the soleplate and clear any blockages, especially the channel down the centre of the cleaner where the dirt is sucked up into the cleaner.

If the brush bar shows signs of damage or excessive wear then CLICK HERE for full instructions on changing the brush roll.

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