Kirby Servicing only £24.99


Why Service?

When you invested in your Kirby Home Care System you invested in the finest homecare system ever made. It utilised the very best of technology at the time of its manufacture. And, like all high quality equipment, it must be serviced to maintain its very high standard of operation. You would never dream of investing in a Merecedes and not having the oil changed annually and your Kirby is certainly the Rolls Royce of cleaning systems.

An annual service represents a small investment in the most important piece of equipment in the household. After all; when you consider it, in most homes carpeting and soft furnishings represents the largest investment in the home and it is your Kirby's responsibility to keep your carpeting and soft furnishings clean and hygienic and lasting as long as possible. The small cost of an annual service will be repaid many times by the improvement in efficiency, ease of use and increased life of carpets and soft furnishings.

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